Katie’s house, family and wedding commissions are hugely popular – the reason? They are beautiful and unique! Choose between a house, house and family, wedding venue or just the family. Each illustration is beautifully detailed and comes professionally mounted and framed. Before we get cracking with the process, Katie also does a simpler version of the house and weddings venue illustrations – they are smaller but a much shorter turnaround. If you think this might fit the bill, please click here.


First up is to sign up to Katie’s newsletter using the link below! Every few months, Katie will release a few commission slots. The number and frequency the slots are released depends on how much time Katie can dedicate to the private commissions during that period. Katie divides her time between commercial commissions, private commissions and designing the product range for Katie Cardew Illustrations too so in order to spin all the plates, she has found this method works best! 

Once signed up, you will need to wait for an email detailing when the commisson slots will be released. The slots will be for house, house and family, wedding venue or just the family. The link to book via the Katie Cardew website will be clearly displayed on the email. 

Once you have booked your slot, you will receive a booking form and photography guide sheet. Katie will need clear, high resolution photographs to work from. Please make sure you have or can obtain these before booking a slot. If you would like a family illustration, Katie will need a group photo with the people wearing what they would like to be illustrated wearing. If it’s a house illustration, Katie will require a clear photo of the property, showing the building in its entirity. Once the photos  have been sent over and approved, Katie will have everything needed to start work on your bespoke illustration! 

The sizes and prices are detailed on the link below. 



Michelle booked the commission in for her best friend’s 50th birthday present! She waited until the party was over so she had the perfect photos to send to Katie. The theme was red and the family looked super smart in their party outfits – the rabbit must have felt a but left out though!  Michelle decided to choose the largest size and the property filled the space beautifully. Michelle and her friend were delighted with the finished result!


Grace and Tom wanted something super special for their big day so chose to have a bespoke illustration done for their invitations. Katie worked from photos of Oakham Chapel, the bus, and a marquee similar in style to the one Grace had decided on. Together, they came up with the airplane banner and festival style sign, to add in the final details. As well as the invitation, Grace was also able to use the illustration on the table plan, order of service, a memo board for friends to write on and a framed print to hang after the big day was over. Grace was over the moon with the invitations and has said that people still have the invitations on their mantles months after the wedding day!